Specialized Manufacturer of Micro Drills


Since our founding in 1955, we have specialized in the manufacture of small-diameter and ultra-small-diameter micro drills with diameters less than 3.0 millimeters. In this field, our products are characterized by superior quality, versatility, and flexibility in specifications compared to conventional drills from other manufacturers.

We offer industrial and medical (surgical) drills with extensive experience in both fields.

YSK's Position

Challenges of Conventional Small-Diameter Drills

Manufacturing small-diameter drills requires advanced technology, even more so compared to medium and large-diameter drills with diameters over 3.0 millimeters. While medium and large-diameter drills are widely available, ordering small-diameter drills from conventional manufacturers can present the following challenges.

  1. Insufficient precision in drilling.
  2. Inability to obtain drills with pinpoint specifications.
  3. Lack of adaptability to different materials and cutting environments.

Strengths of YSK

Technology Ensuring High Precision
  1. S-Type Spiral Cutting
    The tip of our drills features a highest-quality spiral shape. This design ensures superior linearity compared to conventional two-stage flat grinding, resulting in extremely high positional and diameter accuracy in drilling. Reduced friction resistance during high-speed rotation leads to greater work efficiency and a drill lifespan that is approximately 50% longer than conventional drills.
  2. Reamer-Type with Thick Shank Diameter
    Our micro drills are offered in a reamer-type design with differing diameters and shank sizes. Even for thin drills, this design increases the holding power from the chuck, significantly enhancing both precision and efficiency.

      S-Type Spiral Cutting

These technologies enable our drills to deliver superior performance in terms of drilling accuracy, time efficiency, and drill lifespan compared to standard drills.

Flexibility in Specifications

While industry standards typically define drill diameters with increments of 0.1 millimeters, our company offers drills in the diameter range below 3 millimeters with increments of 0.01 millimeters. We provide standard specification products even in 0.01 millimeter increments, available at a reasonable cost. Therefore, for precision equipment requiring fine machining, you can acquire drills perfectly suited to stringent designs. In cases where other drill manufacturers cannot find micro drills that meet your specifications and you are forced to modify their product designs, please consult us with your needs. The flexibility in the shape and dimensions of our small-diameter drills is the overwhelming strength of YSK.

Adaptability to Various Materials and Cutting Environments
  1. Optimal Products for Different Materials
    We offer solid carbide drills suitable for high-hardness materials such as stainless steel and titanium alloys, as well as hard drills at affordable prices. On the other hand, for softer materials prone to chip clogging such as aluminum and brass, we provide half-round drills.
  2. Capability for Deep Hole Machining
    There are few manufacturers producing drills with a diameter under 3 millimeters and a total length of 100 millimeters. With our long drills, you can handle extremely fine and deep hole machining.
  3. Coating Treatment
    We offer three types of coatings: TiN, TiCN, and TiAlN. By selecting the appropriate coating, you can not only improve wear resistance but also adapt to cutting environments with high temperatures, wet or dry conditions.

YSK is known for its meticulous attention to detail, listening carefully to each and every request, no matter how delicate. Among various drill manufacturers, they have made significant contributions in the machining technology of small-diameter drills.

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