Precision Machineries

In the manufacturing of precision machineries, high-precision drills are indispensable. For example, YSK’s micro drills are used in the production of watches. The assembly of various components such as the watch case, dial, hands, movement, and band requires precise drilling techniques. Our drills ensure high accuracy in these fine drilling tasks while maintaining excellent durability and sharpness over long periods of use. The ability to meet extremely stringent requirements for high-quality and efficient processing is why our products are adopted by the precision instrument manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally.

Medical Devices

In the medical industry, drills are extensively used for tasks such as bone drilling in surgical and dental procedures, and highly precise operations within the body during endoscopic surgeries. Drills used in such medical devices must not only have high precision and reliability but also meet requirements for corrosion resistance and biocompatibility to withstand sterilization and disinfection processes. YSK’s medical drills are designed to meet these demands, and we have a track record of transactions with over 10 medical device distributors, supplying more than 10,000 units annually. Our drills are among the few that meet the high technological standards required by the medical industry, providing peace of mind to medical professionals.

*YSK is licensed as a medical device manufacturer.

Automotive Parts

Automotive manufacturing requires high-precision drills for various parts, including engine components, body, chassis, and interiors. YSK is one of the few manufacturers capable of delivering custom-sized drills with high precision and durability, down to units finer than 1 millimeter. We have a proven track record of supplying to major Japanese automakers, supporting their growth into global brands throughout the long history of the automotive industry. Moving forward, we will continue to enhance quality and manufacturing efficiency to keep pace with innovations such as electric vehicles and autonomous driving.


In the aerospace industry, rivet joining is a widely used technique for assembling aircraft skin components. This method involves drilling holes for rivets to join parts, achieving high strength to withstand significant vibration and impact while maintaining lightness. YSK’s long drills meet the strict requirements for rivet hole drilling, contributing to the safety and durability of aircraft. Additionally, rivet joining is used in various other applications, including automobiles, rail vehicles, ships, construction machinery, and buildings.

Printed Circuit Boards and Inspection Equipment

PCBs are essential components in all electronic devices, such as smartphones, computers, and home appliances. High-precision drills are required for drilling holes and for use in PCB inspection equipment during the manufacturing process. Using standard drills can result in issues such as misaligned holes, inconsistent diameters, burrs, and chipping. YSK’s drills demonstrate high precision even for ultra-fine drills with dimensions as small as 0.1 mm or 0.01 mm, making them ideal for PCB manufacturing and inspection. This precision improves the placement and stability of electronic components and enhances manufacturing efficiency by reducing defects.

Other Industrial Products

Our drills are used in various industrial products. For products requiring fine machining, YSK’s drills, renowned for their world-class precision, are the optimal choice. If you have drilling requirements with specifications down to 0.01 mm, please consult with us.

Use cases: glasses, ballpoint pens, keys, contact lenses, agitators, engraving machines, pachinko machines, lawnmowers, and more.